Yumie Kono

Yumie Kono

About The Artist


Artist Statement


My art practice consists of pencil drawing and oil painting. My  drawings create dream-like landscapes using repeating cross lines with  hard pencils (H-10H). This slow process results in drawings that are  very subtle and soft in mood. In the past few years I have created  landscapes drawn from the West Coast where I have been hiking from one  point to the next, observing scenes of nature as though they were  sequences in film. 

My art expresses and documents indefinite engagement  with nature and the universe. I amalways in pursuit of simplicity, and  the essence of my art is expressed in handmade drawings that feature  primitive lines created with pencil.

My paintings focus on the subtleness of color, balanced by a  layering technique of oil paint and tempera paint on linen. For decades I  have been exploring Northern Canada, the Pacific Northwest’s coastal  wilderness, and the deserts of Southwestern United States. This nature  offers me an outer landscape that is in dialogue with my inner  landscape.